About Shinji by Kanesaka (Carlton hotel)

The interior of Shinji by Kanesaka imbues the same classical simplicity that characterizes the chef’s pristine technique as well as his stalwart hospitality. Like the original Ginza Sushi Kanesaka, Shinji by Kanesaka was also designed by Junzo Irikado. Organic materials like wood and paper are flown in from Japan and provide for the restaurant’s furnishing and fixtures.

From the noren curtains that frame the entrance to the beautifully hand-woven ceiling of the restaurant’s Kiku Room, the attention to detail is ubiquitous and soothing. Ultimately, the atmosphere is one of exquisite, understated elegance that makes for a dignified yet intimate dining experience.​

Chef Takahiro Ishizawa

Born in Niigata, a region in Central Japan known for its pristine rice crop, Head Chef Takahiro Ishizawa bears a deep and lifelong reverence for the culinary traditions and culture of his people. As a young boy, he made a promise to his father to traverse the world, explore its wonders and learn all he can while staying true to his roots – a promise that has led him to where he is today. A true sushi shokunin (artisan), Chef Ishizawa is on a never-ending pursuit to perfecting his craft. To create sushi that is perfectly balanced, he believes he must first maintain stillness within, achieved only through constant discipline and an unwavering focus even as the world around ebbs and flows.

“Put your life into everything you create,” Chef Shinji Kanesaka once said. At Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton, Chef Ishizawa serves as Head Chef with pride and passion, dedicating himself to preserving the purity of traditional Edomae cuisine through the award-winning Kanesaka experience.

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